About Us

Sigma Agrochemical Company was founded in 2000, initially established as a trading entity to buy and sell Agricultural products. Following a period of rapid growth it soon moved into manufacturing, investing in the necessary resources and equipment for formulation and mixing in it’s own factory.

In response to customer requirements and demand, Sigma has now expanded its facility to include 5 warehouses with in-house research and development team to examine and analyze the physical and chemical properties to ensure the quality demanded by our customers.

Through honest and effective management, Sigma Agrochemical company – Pro-Ag Company are continually working to improve our service and response time to meet the needs of customers and markets. Sigma has developed a reputation as being a stable company, providing quality brands and service and gained the trust/confidence of their customers.

The Group is now known as one of Thailand’s leading Agro-Companies and the “SIGMA WORLD” and” PRO-AG” logos , which cover pesticides ,soil amendment and chemicals used in public health and homes are known for their quality.

Through its ethical and strategic approach, Sigma is trusted by The World’s leading Agro-Companies of USA, Australia, India, People’s Republic of China to name but a few, as well as Thailand and its neighboring countries.

With modernized manufacturing procedures and selection of raw materials of highest quality through quality analysis, we achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 : 2015 international standard.

Mission statement

  • Develop production Technology, providing quality products suitable for the country’s geography and geology.
  • Product experimental process before launched to the public
  • Encourage, train, educate and instruct farmers to approach the most optimal use of the product
  • Pay attention to company management, social and environmental responsibility


  • Having research and development both in technological production and manufacturing management aspects in order to receive product and service of highest quality and satisfy customers’needs at the target.
  • Being a leading company providing full-service in agriculture in every channel of distribution within Thailand